A few of the kids and I on our boat trip to coffee pot island!

“Ms. L Got No Swag”

Working full time at a high needs elementary school and now a summer camp I knew I was in trouble with my lack of “swag”. I am an education major and I have the pleasure of being surrounded by children year round. But I thought being 19, and in my opinion, pretty cool would have no problem being the cool adult the kids want to hang out with.

It wasn’t until I experienced my first summer camp ever, here at USFSP, and I was a counselor, that I realized what I was in store for. These kids have been the hardest to handle while keeping my sanity with forty hours a week and twelve credit hours.

Regardless of the stress and lack of sleep our kids cheer me up with our in house Dancing with the Stars competition between groups.

I tried to dance with the kids and they asked me to stop. I swear I wasn’t that bad! But apparently I have no “swag”. After hearing them chant that I have no swag it was on!

I spent all weekend practicing my moves to show off for the kids. I worked on my dougie and cat daddy and tried to do all those fancy foot steps the kids like to do. Then Monday came and I was ready to blow these kids out of the water.

We had a mini dance off and it was the moment of truth, I had to face my small group of kids and dance like my life counted on it.

After showing off my dance moves I have now become the “Swag Queen”!

That’s right, redemption, it feels so sweet.

Until next time,

Miss L.