The future is closer than it appears

Credits required for a bachelor’s degree in mass communications: 124.

Credits accumulated: 104.

Credits needed: 20.

Just 20 more credit hours until I can walk across the stage and get my expensive piece of paper.

The point of going to school is to get an education, graduate and get a job. Since my second year of college I couldn’t wait to get out and start my career. But now that my college days are close to an end, the thought of not being in school and just working a full-time job scares me more than it should.

The end of this semester will be the end of experiences and the beginning of new ones. It has been a year since I started writing and working for The Crow’s Nest, USFSP’s student newspaper, and I will be applying for the editor-in-chief position for the fall.

The editor-in-chief position was a goal of mine since I first started writing for The Crow’s Nest. Right now, my future sort of hangs in the balance of whether I get the job or not.

If I get the job, I will dedicate myself to doing the best I can running the paper and will graduate in the spring of 2014. If I don’t get it, I will continue to be the creative director and help run the paper, but I will also be looking into graduating this December.

All these prospects for the next year of my life keep swimming around in my head and it gets to be overwhelming. I have to submit my application for the editor position and prepare myself for an interview in front of the media board, comprised of students and faculty from the journalism department.

On top of all that, there are also these questions: Do I look into graduate school? Where should I look? Do I start looking for a job? I found a great job prospect, but am I qualified enough for it? Do I put myself out there and apply anyway? Will I be able to work a full-time job and be a full-time student?

The spring semester is coming to a close and I am about to register for classes for summer and fall. Right now, I am hoping for the best and I am excited to see what the rest of my undergraduate days hold for me.