Pitcher, salt shaker and glass bottle drawing

Portfolio Anxiety?

As the Spring Semester is in full swing, so it is time to apply for the Graphic Design program. Portfolios are due February 1st, and I worry that my work will not be sufficient to make it in.

This will likely be a fantastic opportunity whether I am accepted or not; however, I would certainly prefer to be in than out.

If I do not “make the cut”, theoretically I will have more time to better hone my skills and improve upon the areas I am lacking in.

Until now, I have tried not to worry about whether I have a good chance to get in the program, but as the due date approaches, I’m getting more anxious.  I tend to try to focus on improving.

Someone once said “Always strive to improve.”  This is often a motivating factor for me.

charcoal pitcher and glass drawing

Charcoal drawing for portfolio