Deck The Halls

♪♫♫♪♫ Fa la la la la la la la la  ♪♫♫♪♫

As we journey into the 12 days of Christmas, prepare for inevitable failure in upholding our New Year’s resolutions and watch endless amounts of television I encourage you to take a look into the gem of St. Petersburg. Don’t you mind ancient misinterpretations of a terrible December 21, 2012, the government has your back! Check out their response to the drama here. Instead of thinking about that consider what USFSP can mean for you during the break.

Take a seat.  There’s much to learn! 

No matter where you stand, sit or exist the truth about the University of South Florida St. Petersburg has not been fully revealed to you. Until now.  Gems are meant to be discovered. Discovery leads to appreciation and appreciation comes with joy and a desire to share that joy with others. Where would crazy YouTube videos (example) be without people sharing them?

USFSP nears its 50th anniversary and things have changed. Even in the short time I have been here, since fall of 2009 a significant physical change has occurred. Parking lots became buildings, Dali’s mustache moved down the street and a basketball court turned into dirt and back into a basketball court!

Don’t run away just yet! You’ll miss out.

Tis’ the season to be jolly(I had to sneak it in)! If close–knit friendships, long lasting memories, quality education and prime waterfront location don’t excite you I’m a little concerned! In small settings people grow. The more you are stretched out the harder it is to come back. Think about this: Stretch a rubber band a little and nothing happens. Stretch that same band too much and it breaks. Keep a solid tension and it gets stronger.  Our college careers tend to be very similar. USFSP has done a wonderful job this year letting students know they care.  Interim Regional Chancellor Bill Hogarth(check out his blog! ) has really took the students words and made them into something tangible. USFSP resembles a winter wonderland on an island. Traditions are being started by the “little guys”. Giants don’t rule this university. The longboarders, gangnam style dancers , flashmobbers, club members, student workers, basketball players, educators-to-be, entrepreneurs in training and freshmen, yes…freshman, sway this university. The “little kayak that could” is a formidable ally to have and I’m proud to call USFSP home.