Stencils of letters N E V R taped to paper

Finals Week Is NOW

It usually seems that by the end of the semester most everyone is feeling burnt out and ready to go home for a while.  Or at least just tired of current classes.  Some people (myself included) prefer to cram everything they can into their noggins just before their exams, while others (perhaps smarter individuals) study gradually – building up their knowledge in advance and doing a sort of refresher prior to finals.  And then there are a number of students who appear not to study in the slightest.

Two E's of different size and color on paper

A preliminary design for one of the parts to my Drawing Final

In any case, the past month or so has been fairly hectic and I’ll be relieved once I’ve finished everything I need to.  I only have about 3/5ths of my Drawing project done and I need to do a massive amount of studying for my 20th Century Art class, as well as finish my Honors paper and study for that test…

An accurate assessment of my current emotional/mental state is definitely overwhelmed.

On the opposite end of the spectrum, here are some photos from my Thanksgiving Break – Sand Sculptures at Saint Pete Beach!