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Welcome to USFSP, Carnegie Fellow Larisa Patlis!

Larisa Patlis and Judithanne Scourfield-McLauchlan

Larisa Patlis and Judithanne Scourfield-McLauchlan

I am so delighted that Larisa Patlis, my colleague from the Universitatea Libera Internationala din Moldova, the Free University of Moldova (the university in Chisinau, Moldova where I taught while a Fulbright Scholar), is working with me at USFSP this Fall 2012 semester as a Carnegie Fellow!

As Larisa explains, her research project, Devolutionary Trends in the Republic of Moldova: the Case of Gagauz Yeri, “explores the origins of devolution in the Republic of Moldova, defining challenges to the unitary system and analyzing difficulties and opportunities that Moldova encounters with its territory’s integrity.”

More to come on the blog about our collaboration and about Larisa’s activities on campus. You can also read her blog.

For now, let me just say

добро пожаловать
Bine ai venit

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