Pumpkin spice latte


I’m the type of person that thrives in a goal oriented environment. If I have a list of things to do, I will get them done (if provided the right incentive). I even keep a calendar. Class being in session is the type of goal setting I live for. I’m nowhere near my planned graduation date and I have my top three law schools picked out, my reach list, and my safety list 80% complete. I’ve started a chapter of the National Organization for Women, I’m starting to get more involved on campus, and most importantly I’m zeroing in on opportunities that are going to place me in contact with the local law community. It’s blatantly apparent that I spend more time making goals than doing what needs to be done to fulfill them.

When I’m planning my moves toward the future, whether it be, apartment hunting, class scheduling, the type of employment I seek out, or the type of clubs I join, I imagine a pyramid in my head. At the top is my law degree and at the bottom are all of the little things I’ve been doing and will do to get there. I have a goal and a plan and it scares me to know my friends and peers do not.

Everyone knows the best part of Fall is that pumpkin spice lattes are back at Starbucks and that the Premier league is in season again. Second (or third) best is the fact that every August/September that you return to school you have the opportunity to evaluate where you’re going and what you’re doing. Are you on track? Are you where you want to be? Where you need to be? Fall is a new leaf to make better friends, join more study groups, and actually do your reading (No, really. Apparently textbooks work well not only as mouse pads, but as learning tools as well!).

All I’m saying is that this is a great time to make better decisions. We can’t all be goal oriented crazy people like myself, but everyone can get a delicious fall themed beverage and think about their future. That’s really the first step to getting there.