The Melting Pot MBA

I love the diversity in educational backgrounds present in our MBA classrooms at USFSP.  I thought I would be the outsider coming in with a bachelor’s degree in psychology, but it turns out it couldn’t be further from the truth.  Almost half of my classmates have bachelor’s degrees in non-business majors.  I think the diversity adds value to the classroom.  People with differing views or backgrounds will often add interesting context to classroom discussions that could otherwise be very uni-directional.

I think it also goes to show how mobile a degree the MBA really is.  Just as the incoming student have such a variety of backgrounds, their career goals going forward are just as diverse.  The faculty in our program embrace this diversity and encourage us to utilize our variety of skill-sets in classroom as well as real world applications.

If you have considered a MBA but hesitated because you have a bachelor’s degree in a non-business major, my advice is to jump right in!  You’ll be pleasantly surprise at how nice the water is at USFSP!