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Today is Tuesday, it is currently just past 4 o’clock. I am sitting at the back of the room, on the floor, for a lecture that is actually out of seating. And happens to be an Honors Event. The man of the hour has just finished his speech about his book, The New New Deal. His name? Micheal Grunwald.

Author Michael Grunwald

Author Michael Grunwald

Rather humorous and light hearted, though quite serious, Mr. Grunwald has discussed something I usually could care less about. However, I am finding it very interesting.
Politics tend to bore me. Completely.
Enough so that I typically ignore them.
But Grunwald certainly caught my attention when he noted the media being “brain-dead” and speaking of himself as “the blogger in the news room who keeps saying ‘Bigfoot is real!'” when he was trying to explain to colleagues the benefits of President Obama’s stimulus. Interestingly, the stimulus has been far more effective than critics have let on. Clean energy has been vastly improved; the aid for states’ public workers, teachers, police, fire fighters an public works (new roads/highways); modern electric grids; the movement of millions out of poverty; a much decreased homeless rate.
“Obama has mostly tried to do the things he said he would.” What a concept! An official who has made promises that aren’t empty. Someone who is really investing in our future.

A great quip Obama has apparently said: “Is it too late, or can we hand this pile of crap over to McCain?”

In spite of this being about politics, I really enjoyed this lecture. Grunwald is a fantastic speaker; he has a nice voice, he expresses himself well, and seems to be effortlessly entertaining.
Thank you Dr. Smith.