So, this is such an exciting time to be alive

I wrote a really long post about the lack of community among students on campus and how I spent the weekend marching in the St. Petersburg Pride parade with our campus GSA, but lets forget that. Let’s focus on the main point: find something you’re passionate about. Be it out in the community, on campus, or something that affects you personally, but pick something that you cannot ignore. It’s easy to convince yourself it’s impossible to make an impact and even easier to become apathetic.

I see a lot of my peers grazing the surface on big issues, but refusing to dive deeper because to them there’s no point. If you want to make Facebook posts talking about the economy, healthcare, the way our university is run, or even the re-construction of the pier then find some passion and then speak up. Care about the topic for longer than when its being shoved in your face. Just because someone else has said it before does not invalidate your thoughts and feelings.  Before you can synthesize a new idea you have to have knowledge in the ideas that came before.

The first step to changing the big picture is stepping into the little one.

It was crystal clear to me back then that the only problems that I could face would be the same problems that effect us all.