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Sustainability in Business Education

Triple Bottom Line Diagram

The triple bottom line model suggests that business should be accountable on three measures: social stewardship (people), environmental stewardship (planet), and the ability to maximize profits. Photo credit: http://mattress.springintoactionnyc.com/ socialmission/the_triple_bottom_line_model

Recently, I was able to attend the AACSB Sustainability in Business Education Conference as a MBA student representative of USFSP. I was VERY excited! Sustainability is a passion of mine, and despite the fact that the business world tends to have a bad reputation in terms of sustainability efforts, it was fascinating to see examples of some of the legitimate advances that have been made.

A common theme that surprised me is that the business world itself has made significantly more progress in terms of sustainability initiatives than business education has in teaching students to manage with the triple-bottom-line (people, planet, profits). However, the engaged crowd of business faculty from around the country left me feeling optimistic about the future of sustainability in business education.

I’m proud to say that the USFSP College of Business embraces Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) in its graduate curriculum. CSR has been a constant theme in my MBA so far and for good reason… sustainable business is not only the future, it’s the present as well.

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Eric is the Director of the KTCOB graduate programs and a Tiedemann MBA alumnus (Class of 2013).
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