Urban Art by NONSTOP

It’s Strange That Where You Live Could Be Exotic

Saturday was a very important milestone in my young adult life.
I drove over five hours to and from an airport in the middle of nowhere to pick up my friends from England. (Because if you have to pay $3+ in tolls, you have definitely gone too far from home, okay?)

Ask me why.  (The truth is that I have no idea)
They booked the flight here on Thursday night.  No “head’s up” in advance for me.  Just a “Hey, get on chat! We’ve not spoken in ages!”
Where abouts is Tampa?” He asked me.
Would you be able to get us?” He asked me.
Would you drive for ages to get us?” Is what he SHOULD have asked because the flight was not even coming in to Tampa.  After that whole ordeal was over, it was quite a relief.

Sunday I took the English boys around the lovely expanse of Downtown St. Pete known as the 600 Block.  This is easily my favorite area of Downtown because it’s a hot spot for art and music. There are vintage shops, concert venues, a tattoo parlor, one of the few remaining record stores in the area, and a radical karaoke bar.
Unfortunately, BLUELUCY (one of the studios located on the 600 Block) hasn’t updated the website here in quite some time, BUT the facebook page is updated often, so you can check that out.

Just across the street is the Morean Arts Center, where I used to go to Art Camp during the summer.  We visited this particular jewel to see the Urban Art on display and it was really fantastic (see this link for more than the above photo).  And I took them to The Lucky Dill Deli (clickfor lunch before I gave them a tour of the school.  They were really impressed with it, and apparently everything is bigger here (in America) than it is in England.