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So, why USFSP?

A question at family gatherings always seems to be “Wait, you’re in college?”
They are terribly surprised to learn that, yes, I have actually hit puberty and graduated from the prison known as ‘high school’.
Their next thrilling inquiry is “Oh, so do you like it?”
As a matter of fact, I do.

USFSP was the university I chose to go to for several reasons:

  • It is a much smaller and more intimate campus than that of Tampa, as well as being easier to navigate (in my opinion)
  • It is close to home (about a 15 minute drive)
  • We have a very attractive campus (right on the water!)
  • I have class with quite a large variety of people
  • And I much prefer it over Saint Pete College (about 15 minutes in the opposite direction)

Many of the students here are particularly enthralled with the Water Front on campus.  This is especially exciting, as our school offers sailing lessons and scuba instruction. How many other schools have that right on their campus?  The pool is also very nice; clear, well kept, and fantastic for lap swimming.

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I'm a student in the Honors program. I'm also one of the younger bloggers, an opinionated and sarcastic sophomore who is more interested in food (at times) than my studies for pre-majoring in Graphic Design. A mocha frappuccino and hair dying addict, it's a rare occurrence to see me with a solid natural color.
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