Deck The Halls

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As we journey into the 12 days of Christmas, prepare for inevitable failure in upholding our New Year’s resolutions and watch endless amounts of television I encourage you to take a look into the gem of St. Petersburg. Don’t you mind ancient misinterpretations of a terrible December 21, 2012, the government has your back! Check out their response to the drama here. Instead of thinking about that consider what USFSP can mean for you during the break.

Take a seat.  There’s much to learn! 

No matter where you stand, sit or exist the truth about the University of South Florida St. Petersburg has not been fully revealed to you. Until now.  Gems are meant to be discovered. Discovery leads to appreciation and appreciation comes with joy and a desire to share that joy with others. Where would crazy YouTube videos (example) be without people sharing them?

USFSP nears its 50th anniversary and things have changed. Even in the short time I have been here, since fall of 2009 a significant physical change has occurred. Parking lots became buildings, Dali’s mustache moved down the street and a basketball court turned into dirt and back into a basketball court!

Don’t run away just yet! You’ll miss out.

Tis’ the season to be jolly(I had to sneak it in)! If close–knit friendships, long lasting memories, quality education and prime waterfront location don’t excite you I’m a little concerned! In small settings people grow. The more you are stretched out the harder it is to come back. Think about this: Stretch a rubber band a little and nothing happens. Stretch that same band too much and it breaks. Keep a solid tension and it gets stronger.  Our college careers tend to be very similar. USFSP has done a wonderful job this year letting students know they care.  Interim Regional Chancellor Bill Hogarth(check out his blog! ) has really took the students words and made them into something tangible. USFSP resembles a winter wonderland on an island. Traditions are being started by the “little guys”. Giants don’t rule this university. The longboarders, gangnam style dancers , flashmobbers, club members, student workers, basketball players, educators-to-be, entrepreneurs in training and freshmen, yes…freshman, sway this university. The “little kayak that could” is a formidable ally to have and I’m proud to call USFSP home.

Internal Awards Program faculty grants announced, totalling nearly $80,000

Nearly $80,000 has been awarded to 10 USF St. Petersburg faculty members through the 2012 Internal Awards Program, Interim Regional Chancellor Bill Hogarth announced Friday.

The program provides “seed money” through a competitive process. The money allows faculty members to lay the groundwork for proposals to external sponsors such as federal and state agencies.

Nearly two dozen faculty members applied.  Each applicant was asked to explain the impact of the proposed project and identify sources of future funding. The USFSP Research Council reviewed the applications and recommended those it deemed worthy of funding.  Dr. Hogarth awarded the grants based on those recommendations, along with input from Norine Noonan, regional vice chancellor for academic affairs.

Seven awards were in the College of Arts and Sciences, two in the College of Business and one in the College of Education, totaling $79,270.

“The awards underscore the quality and scope of research underway at USF St. Petersburg,’’ said Dr. Hogarth. “I hope this program will help provide the momentum to continue the progress we have seen in the past four years, when research funding has grown from $800,000 to $6 million. I am very proud of our faculty and the research they are conducting, which benefits students and the community.”

Here is a list of the awards by college:

College of Arts and Sciences

  • Henry Alegria, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Chemistry, $8,000, Assessing the Impact of Sewage Discharge from Caye Caulker on the Belize Barrier Reef – Application of the FORAM Index.
  • Susan F. Allen, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Social Work, $7,855, A Study of Factors that Affect Birth Mothers’ Adoption Plans in Private Adoptions.
  • Tiffany Chenneville, Ph.D., Associated Professor of Psychology, $7,892, Perceptions of HIV Criminalization Laws Among College Students.
  • Narciso J. Hidalgo, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Spanish, $7,728, Beyond the Boundaries: Orishas and Babalawos in Mexico and Spain
  • Heather Judkins, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Biological Oceanography, $7,950, Biodiversity Around the Borders.
  • Neil Matthiessen, Assistant Professor of Graphic Design, $7,845, WAAS Gallery Exhibit.
  • James McHale, Professor and Chair of Psychology, $8,000, Perceptions of Parenting Coordination by Parents and Coordinators.

College of Business

  • Zheng (Chris) Chen , Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Management, $8,000, Work-family Role Boundary Management: A Person Identity Perspective.
  • Varol Onur Kayhan, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Information Systems Management, $8,000, Information Privacy: The Effect of Helplessness.

College of Education

  • AnnMarie Alberton Gunn, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Reading and Literacy Studies, $8,000, Building A Culturally Responsible Literacy Pedagogy Through Authentic Texts and Community Engagement.


Hough Family

Hough Family honored for civic leadership

Fall Commencement for the University of South Florida St. Petersburg on Sunday included a ceremony honoring the Hough Family for their dedication to the arts, culture and education in St. Petersburg.

The Hough Family of St. Petersburg — William and Hazel Hough and their children, Robb Hough, Susan Henry and Helen Feinberg — received the Regional Chancellor’s Award for Civic Leadership, the most prestigious honor granted by USF St. Petersburg and bestowed in recognition of outstanding contributions to the community.

The institutions the Hough Family has supported individually and collectively include USF St. Petersburg, the Museum of Fine Arts, Canterbury School, the Palladium at St. Petersburg College and the Dali Museum.

“St. Petersburg would be a diminished community without the Hough Family,” Interim Regional Chancellor Bill Hogart said in announcing the award. “Their unstinting support of the arts, culture and education are unmatched and their dedication to giving back is an inspiration to the entire community.

The Fall Class of 2012 totals 399 – 337 receiving bachelor’s degrees and 62 receiving Master’s degrees. About 260 students participated in Sunday’s commencement ceremony, which begins at 6 p.m. at the Mahaffey Theater, 400 1st Street South.

Seating at the Mahaffey is limited, so the ceremony was live-streamed to the University Student Center for those who could not attend.

The Outstanding Graduate Award went to Daniel Boyd, a College of Business student who is earning  a Bachelor’s degree in Accounting.

USF St. Petersburg 2012 Fall Commencement by the numbers

399 Total number of graduates

337 Number of students awarded bachelor’s degrees.

62 Number of students awarded Master’s degrees.

260 Number of graduates participating in Sunday’s commencement.

11: Number of students graduating Summa Cum Laude

20: Number of students graduating Magna Cum Laude

25: Number of students graduating Cum Laude

3: Number of students graduating in the Honors Program.

3: Number of students with perfect 4.0 grade point averages.



Christmas Tree and Menorahs

Bill Hogarth: This is a time to reflect and enjoy the holidays

Dear USFSP Community,

I just want to take a moment during this Holiday Season to thank all of you for making the past four months extremely enjoyable.  Although I felt very intimidated when asked by President Genshaft to be the Interim Regional Chancellor for USF St. Petersburg, all of you — faculty, students and staff — have been very helpful as we continue to move forward in the path set by my predecessor, Dr. Margaret Sullivan.

We should all be proud of the many accomplishments we have seen at the university – the high quality of our teaching and faculty research, the success of our sailing teams, the opening of the University Student Center and residence hall, the new Wellness Center at the newly refurbished Student Life Center to mention just a few.

 I feel very good when I walk the campus and observe the beautiful landscaping and the work of our groundskeepers and the invigorating presence of students bustling about.  USFSP is alive and is providing a great education and life experience preparing our next leaders.

We must strive to continue to provide the best learning opportunities ever in these tight economic times and we can do so working together and being careful stewards of our resources—financially and philosophically.

Please take the time off to enjoy the season and your families.  This is a time to reflect and enjoy the holidays.  We are fortunate to live in this great country with so many great opportunities.

I hope 2013 will be another great year as we strive to build a new building for the College of Business and prepare for the expansion of our Science and Technology Building.  We also need to expand our talented pool of tenure-track faculty and continue to work with the student body to ensure they receive the best possible college experience.

Have a happy and prosperous new year and Go Bulls!