We believe leadership can be learned. The Leadership Studies minor emphasizes applied learning that results in students having a portfolio of experiences that make them more marketable to employers.

The Leadership Minor is now just 12 credit hours, or four classes — two required and two electives, making it a flexible choice for students of all majors.

Contact your Academic Advisor for how you can fit the minor in your schedule. Check below for course information for Summer and Fall 2019.

Core Course (6 hours)

LDR 2010 Leadership Fundamentals (3) CRN: 87198

This introductory course for the Leadership Studies Minor is designed as an introduction to leadership concepts and looks at leadership as an inside-out phenomenon – from individual development to group dynamics and eventually complex organizations. It covers a broad range of leadership topics including self-development and the understanding of group behavior, organizational design, ethics and teamwork.

Summer 2019:

LDR 2010 Leadership Fundamentals 100% ONLINE CRN 53658

Fall 2019:

LDR 2010 Leadership Fundamentals 100% ONLINE CRN 87198
LDR 2010 Leadership Fundamentals* FRI | 1:00pm – 3:30pm CRN 84777

*available for LLC students only. Learn more about our LLC here.

LDR 4204 Ethics and Power in Leadership (3) CRN: 93227

This course reviews the arguments for ethics in leadership as proposed by both contemporary and ancient leadership theories. It also examines theories of power and authority, and seeks answers to the apparent dilemmas through applied moral theory and psychology. Emphasis is given to practical solutions.


LDR 4204 Ethics and Power in Leadership* WED | 6:00pm -8:30pm CRN 93227

Elective Courses (6 hours)

LDR 3363 Leading Teams and Diverse Groups (3) CRN: 95312

This course explores what makes a “team” and “teamwork” and outlines the difference between this and “groups.” It uses the Five Dysfunctions of a Team as a starting point for overcoming barriers to creating high performing teams. Students will gain an applied understanding of teamwork.

Fall 2019:

LDR 4204 Leading Teams and Diverse Groups TUE | 1:00pm – 3:30pm CRN 95312

LDR 3365 From Conflict to Consensus Decision-making and Change (3) CRN: 95316

This course explores personal decision making styles and teaches how to diagnose, evaluate and use various decision making processes. Students learn how effective leaders manage conflict and consensus in a constructive manner. Students will also be able demonstrate the ability to utilize divergent and convergent thinking to gain consensus.

Fall 2019:

LDR 3365 From Conflict to Consensus THU: 6:00pm-8:00pm CRN 95316

LDR 3371 The Language of Leadership: Communicating with Clarity and Impact (3) CRN: 95313

This course looks at personal communication impacts effective leadership. Students will gain understanding of their personal communication style and how to use that to connect to people authentically. This course also reviews how common ethical foundations impact leadership communication.

Fall 2019:

LDR 3371 The Language of Leadership MON | 6:00pm – 8:30pm CRN 95313

Other Courses*

LDR 3261 – Leadership in the Great Outdoors
LDR 3330 – Community Leadership and Non-Profit Organizations
LDR 3930 – Selected Topics in Leadership
LDR 3950 – Independent Study in Leadership
LDR 4114 – Survey of Readings in Leadership
LDR 4164 – Organizational Theories
LDR 4564 – Images of Leadership in Print and Film
*These courses are offered irregularly, based on demand. Unless an exception is granted, they do not count towards the 12 hour minor.

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