The USFSP Ambassador Program

Executive Board

Kevin Patrick- President
Shayla Fajardo- Vice President of Administrative Affairs
Taylor Singleton- Vice President of Internal Affairs
Asmita Palsule- Vice President of Marketing and Recruitment
Madeleine Darowiche- Vice President of Standards

Jared Bolton
Heidi Colon
Diana Estrada
Eylin Cabrera
Madeline Friese
Victoria Hernandez
Jessica Jensen
Richie Marini
Kamila Waugh

Taylor Adams
Teri Deardorff
Solange Gorleku
Blair Hirt
Paige Klingensmith
Eloy Martinez
Blair McCausland
Laura Paulavage
Juan Salazar
Victor Sims
Alicia Tennell
Alyssa Winston

Who Are We?

USFSP Ambassadors, a student organization sponsored by the USF Alumni Association, was founded in 1979 on the basis of leadership, community, university involvement, educational advancement and service. The Ambassador program is an elite group of young professionals that bridge the gap between students and alumni. Ambassadors serve the university in many capacities, such as adding value to Presidential related events, speaking at high profile activities, networking with alumni and donors, and continuously branding the Alumni Association and University in the Sarasota, Tampa Bay, and St. Pete area!

The Ambassadors program was created when the University of South Florida identified a need to increase student visibility to alumni and friends both on campus and in the community. Members of USFSP Ambassadors are all student leaders who embody the spirit of USFSP through campus involvement, academic excellence, and school spirit. Ambassadors can be seen working events such as Homecoming, Commencement, USFSP Celebrates 50!, USF Alumni Awards and many more!