Online Learning

Most of our bachelor’s programs – and many of our master’s programs – contain online learning opportunities.

Online learning means the class has a separation of either space or time between student, instructor and/or the rest of class. Online learning offered at USF St. Petersburg is Web-based, meaning interaction among a student and his/her instructors and classmates is conducted through sophisticated Web sites. Some classes may have an on-campus (face to face) orientation but the rest of class then occurs online.

Learn more about online learning and the support services we provide for students and faculty.

Fully Online Graduate Programs

Master of Business Administration
Our rigorous MBA curriculum is offered as a fully online program for students who seek scheduling flexibility. Each online course is eight (8) weeks long and is taught by the same professor and has the same content as an on-campus course. Learn more about our fully online MBA program.

Master’s Program in Digital Journalism and Design
This online master’s degree prepares the student to excel in the exciting field of digital journalism and in other media- or communication-related fields. The program emphasizes digital news technology and prepares students for careers in 21st Century journalism.

Applicants also stand to gain an immediate professional benefit: a USFSP-Poynter Certificate of Proficiency in Digital Technology for Journalists. Learn more about our exciting online digital journalism and design degree.

Master’s Program in Educational Leadership

The Masters degree in Educational Leadership is designed for teachers and other practicing school professionals who want to earn a Master’s degree and Florida K-12 Educational Leadership certification.

Learn more about the educational leadership program.