Continuing Education

Continuing Education programs are for adult learners who are interested in furthering their knowledge about topics of interest. There is no college credit received for the coursework therefore there are no credit hours that can be delegated to a degree program.

Below are the programs currently available.

Brewing Arts

This exciting skills-based training program in the Brewing Arts will give students access to online lectures in brewing science, engineering and business followed by hands-on-training at a craft brewery and hands-on training in a craft brewery quality assurance laboratory.

The brewing arts program consists of ten online instructional modules. Each module ends with a competency based assessment to determine the students’ understanding of the material. A satisfactory performance on the assessment provides access to the next module in the series.

Students completing all the modules will then be assigned to hands-on training at a craft brewery.

To apply to this program or for more information visit the Brewing Arts Program

For more information contact
USF St. Petersburg
Jim Leanoard, Director of Brewing Arts Program
727 873 4285
140 7th Avenue S, DAV 100
St. Petersburg, FL 33701