Academic Scheduling and Space

The mission of  USFSP Academic Scheduling and Space is to efficiently manage academic scheduling and space to benefit students, faculty and research by using the latest technology for accuracy and judicious instructional space utilization.

Academic Schedule

Academic Scheduling and Space coordinates each semester’s course schedule and works in tandem with colleges to ensure efficient delivery of courses in a manner that maximizes course availability  for students.

Academic Space

Academic Scheduling and Space receives all requests for use of the classrooms at USFSP, and schedules over 1,000 academic courses and extra-curricular events per term in a manner that is conflict-free and offers optimal use of available space.

Please note academic space is only available to University sponsored groups and events and is subject to availability. Reservations for student groups must be submitted by the group’s faculty advisor or sponsor.

Academic Scheduling and Space endeavors to work with colleges and faculty to make sure classes are assigned appropriate space. Changes to academic classroom schedule will only be considered if requested by the authorized college liaison:

Classroom Technology

All classrooms are equipped with Computer and AV technology. Available technology includes SmartBoards and a state-of-the art learning lab Smart Classroom.

Final Exam Schedule

Academic Scheduling and Space publishes a Final Exam schedule each fall and spring semester approximately three weeks after the first day of classes. The Final Exam Schedule is available on USFSP’s Academic Calendar.

Approved Class Meeting Patterns

Class meeting patterns have been designed to maximize academic space utilization and course availability.

Scheduling Timetable

Scheduling timetable Spring 2017- Spring 2018

The scheduling timetable assists departments and colleges with advance planning for the academic schedule.

If you have any questions regarding class scheduling or classroom space contact Andrew Konapelsky at 873-4360. Academic Scheduling and Space is located in the Registrar’s Office in BAY 102

To report a maintenance concern about any classroom, contact Facilities Services at 873-4135 to place work order.