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Undergraduate Majors & Minors

Most of our majors and minors contain substantial online learning opportunities.

Program Major Minor
Accounting Major Minor
Anthropology Major Minor
Art – Graphic Design Major
Art History Minor
Biology1 Major
Criminology Major Minor
Economics – Affiliated Major Minor
Economics – Business Major Minor
Education Major Minor
English2 Major
Entrepreneurship Major Minor
Environmental Science & Policy3 Major
Environmental Policy Minor
Finance Major Minor
French and Francophone Studies Minor
General Business Administration Minor
Geography Major Minor
Geospatial Science Minor
Global Business Major
Healthcare Administration Minor
Health Science4 Major
History Major Minor
Interdisciplinary Social Sciences5 Major
International Business Minor
Leadership Studies Minor
Legal Studies Minor
Management Major Minor
Management Information Systems Major Minor
Marketing Major Minor
Mass Communications – Journalism & Media Studies Major Minor
Political Science Major Minor
Psychology Major Minor
Spanish & Latino Studies Major
World Languages and Cultures6 Major

1 Concentrations include: Biomedical Sciences, Ecology and Evolution, General Biology, Marine Biology

2 Concentrations include: Literature & Cultural Studies, Writing Studies

3 Concentrations include: Environmental Policy, Environmental Science, Environmental Sustainability

4 Concentrations include: Communication Sciences and Disorders, Healthcare Administration, Integrated Health Sciences, Public Health

5 Concentrations include: Africana Studies, Anthropology, Criminology, Economics, Environmental Policy, Geography, History, International Studies, Latin American Studies, Political Science, Psychology, Social Work, Women’s Studies

6 Concentrations include: French and Francophone Studies, Spanish and Latin American Studies, Dual Spanish and French Studies