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Honors Program Courses

The Honors core curriculum consists of nine courses, which replace most of the University’s liberal arts and exit requirements as well as state-mandated writing requirements.

Therefore, participation in the Honors Program does not increase the student’s academic workload for most majors.

The philosophy is to reward academically superior students with new challenges and alternative approaches to learning presented by some of the University’s best faculty. 4-Year Honors students take two classes their first semester. Thereafter, Honors students generally take one Honors course each semester (Fall and Spring). See the Honors Program Web site for details.

IDH 2010 Acquisition of Knowledge

Explores the life of the mind, how knowledge is acquired, the ways judgments are formed and values are determined, and the nature of creativity and scientific inquiry.

IDH 3100 Arts and Humanities

Addresses the arts and humanities from a rich diversity of perspectives and cultures. Examines the relationship of ideas and the arts. Specific topics vary from semester to semester.

IDH 3350 Natural Science

Explores fundamental principles in the natural sciences. Involves field work and/or laboratory research.

Past courses have focused on environmental science and marine biology.

IDH 3400 Social and Behavioral Sciences

Examines the social and behavioral sciences, methods of inquiry, discovery and validation of knowledge.

Past topics have included the psychology of race and Native American cosmology.

IDH 3600 Seminar in Applied Ethics

Explores the practical application of ethics. Past topics have included ethical dilemmas in politics, law, criminal justice, medicine, business, and human rights.

IDH 4200 Geographical Perspectives

Focuses on African, Latin American, Middle Eastern or Asian perspectives. Includes social, political and economic, as well as artistic, cultural and intellectual issues.

IDH 4000 Honors Seminar: Major Works/Major Issues

Capstone seminar for Honors students. Past topics have included Image and Identity in Classical Athens,

Nationalism and Ethnic Conflict, Ethics and the Environment, Food in History, and American Culture in the 1960s.

IDH 4970 Honors Thesis

This two-semester sequence includes the research, writing and public presentation of a thesis or creative project. Topic is chosen in consultation with the Honors Program director and the process is completed under the direction of a faculty committee.