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Bishop Center for Ethical Leadership and Civic Engagement

The Wally and Louise Bishop Center for Ethical Leadership and Civic Engagement promotes the study and practice of good leadership and civic engagement through interdisciplinary research, teaching and experiential learning across USF St. Petersburg’s curriculum.

Bishop Center staff

Bishop Center staff

The Center develops and offers academic courses, workshops, and programs to help our students and other program participants understand the challenges, opportunities and rewards associated with ethical leadership.

Its “citizen scholar” model combines academic instruction with implementation of concepts learned in the classroom into the local community. “Local community” is broadly defined to include business, educational, and social service agencies.

Center for Science & Policy Applications for the Coastal Environment (C-SPACE)

C-SPACE researches problems affecting coastal areas, with a focus on Florida’s Gulf Coast. C-SPACE conducts interdisciplinary research within the following general areas:

  • the use, supply, and quality of freshwater;
  • the fate, effects, assessment and remediation of water-borne pollutants;
  • water quality and quantity driven changes in inland and coastal ecosystems; and
  • management and policy of coastal freshwater and marine ecosystems.

C-SPACE provides a framework for collaboration between USF St. Petersburg researchers and colleagues at the USF College of Marine Science, the Center for Coastal & Watershed Studies of the U.S. Geological Survey, the Southeast Fisheries Science Center of the National Marine Fisheries Service/NOAA, and the State’s Florida Wildlife Research Institute, all of which are also located on the USF St. Petersburg campus.